Our “CONTRACTOR” flared bottom straight ladders are constructed using the same heavy duty components as our popular “SUPER DUTY” series but with a few less features and sizes available. Built with cost in mind they pack heavy duty quality at an affordable price. The last brand orchard ladder you will ever buy!

The Facts

  • Developed with the large commercial user in mind, suitable for everyday orchard use
  • Available in sizes 12’ – 18′ in length
  • Ladder rails are a full 3″ wide with added reinforcement beads for added strength and rounded edges for worker comfort
  • All stepping is a full 3″ and have a non-skid design with extra wear ridges for added strength and longevity
  • Lower step is even tougher with even more wear ridges plus the addition of a reinforced rib for maximum strength at the weakest points
    All Strathmore brand orchard ladders are manufactured in Strathmore, CA. USA
  • Wide base and flared design promote safe use and stability by forcing the climber to the center of the ladder as they go higher
  • Bilingual safety & use labeling
  • Special purpose ladder, 300 lbs. max load
Why should I buy a Strathmore Ladder?

Whether you’re a large commercial user or a homeowner with a few fruit trees in the backyard you will be glad you bought a Strathmore Ladder. 100% US sourced materials, US made, we don’t cut corners at the expense of quality. Our ladders are comfortable, durable, and stable. The time tested designs will provide you unequaled longevity. Simply put they are built to better, built to be the best.

200 series contractor ladder


200 series contractor ladder
200 series contractor ladder
200 series contractor ladder

Our Contractor ladders are “Special Order” and have limited availability. To reduce cost they are produced in in large runs only usually twice per year. A minimum order of 25 units required. For more information or a dealer in your area that handles them please contact us.

212CT 12 FT. 11′ 6″ 7′ 7″ 21 LBS 30″
214CT 14 FT. 13′ 5″ 9′ 5″ 24 LBS 30″
216CT 16 FT. 15′ 5″ 11′ 5″ 27 LBS 30″
218CT 18 FT. 17′ 4″ 13′ 4″ 30 LBS 30″
220CT 20 FT. 19′ 2″ 15′ 2″ 33 LBS 30″

*HOTL Ladder height when opened or leaned to the steps being in the level position.
**HSSL Highest safe standing point when ladder opened to level. Please see safety and use guidelines for more information.

Any application where the ladder can be leaned into the tree for support. Also often referred to as a grove ladder, it is most commonly used for citrus, olive, and apple harvesting.

  • Fruit Picking
  • Tree Pruning
  • Tree Thinning

The Contractor line is built to be as economical as possible and as such no options are offered. If you require additional features or reinforcing on your ladders please refer to our Super duty line.

  • Add red safety step to all three (3) top steps on any new ladder.

All information based on specifications available at the time of publishing and are subject to modification or change without notice. Please contact us for specifications on other special order sizes or models not currently listed.
*All measurements are approximate and are rounded to the nearest whole number.
**Does not account for penetration of the turf or soil. For more information regarding our recommended safe standing level please visit our Safety page.