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We offer full service inspection and repair of all Strathmore Brand orchard ladders.


  •  Upgrades of existing models. Let us add some of our newest features to your older ladders.
  • Size changes, we can lengthen or shorten your existing ladders safely to meet your ever changing needs. Restrictions apply, not available on all models.
  • Reinforcement of problem area’s to help prevent future breakage. Many users have unique challenges that may require additional bracing or reinforcement of the ladder. We can evaluate your ladders and make the necessary upgrades to reduce your future repair cost.
  • ID tagging, we can metal stamp or label each of your ladders to help you better track them or identify them in case of theft.


  • Your ladders will be inspected for excessive wear or damage to determine if they are suitable for repair.
  • Not all ladders should be repaired and may have outlived their useful life.
  • Ladders that are determined to be unsafe, even if repaired,  will be marked “NON-REPAIRABLE” and should no longer be used once returned to you.
  • A quick calculation will also be done assuring the repair will not exceed ½ the price of a new ladder of the same style/size. If we believe the repair to be too costly we will take no further action without your approval.
  • The worn or damaged parts are now removed and replaced as needed.
  • All safety & use labeling is replaced at every service.
  • All work performed is then recorded onto a worksheet to assure an accurate accounting of material and labor charges.


Upon completion of the repairs to your ladders the total cost will be calculated and we will notify you that your ladders are ready for pick-up. We will also email or fax your invoice to you at this time. Payment in full is due at time of pick-up unless other arrangements have been made in advance.


Go through your ladders and determine how many you would like to be inspected and repaired.

Once you have an accurate count contact us to make sure we have room available and that our turnaround time will be acceptable to you. Spring and fall months our turnaround times are much longer due to our increased workload in new ladder production. We strongly suggest you bring them in the Winter or Summer months if possible. We do not do written estimates as this is much too time consuming and costly on ladders. If cost is a concern we suggest you bring a small sampling of ladders in for repair. This will allow you the opportunity to see our work and give you a better idea of what the cost will be to repair the bulk of your ladders. Our yard space is limited and we are unable to accommodate oversized trailers such as trailers with portable toilets. We will be happy to help you offload and load your ladders.

PLEASE READ:  To save time please fill out the ladder repair service agreement found on this page prior to bringing in your ladders. Employees are often sent to drop off repairs and sometimes lack the information required to properly service and contact you.


Before you bring your ladders you should:

  • Make sure all the ladders are free of “FIELD REPAIRS”. This would include metal hardware such as nuts, bolts, or pop rivets. Tree rope, wire, wood, metal, or other fabricated parts that may have been used to make a temporary repair.
  • Ladders should be clean and free of mud, oil, sap, or excessive dirt.
  • These things can harm our tools and make it difficult to see damage and must be removed. We would be happy to perform these services for you but standard labor charges will apply.
  • Check ladders for excessive wear or repairs. We can fix almost anything but that doesn’t mean we should. Many ladders have simply outlived their useful life and should not be further repaired. If your ladders have multiple worn or broken steps or rail repairs it may be time to retire them. Even though we don’t repair such ladders you will be charged for the time it takes to handle them and make that determination.
  • Check to make sure the ladders you are bringing are Strathmore Ladders. Ladder repair is a service we provide our customers and as a general rule we do not fix other brands. If you’re not sure snap a quick picture and email it to us, we can quickly make a determination.

**NOTE**   All ladders, new, used or repaired, must be inspected prior to each use as per manufacturer’s instructions which can be found on our Safety page. We strongly urge all employers to make this part of your worker’s daily routine.